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Sit back, relax, and let CroisiEurope’s fleet whisk you across the rivers of Europe in style. With over 100 itineraries on more than 30 rivers and canals, CroisiEurope offers a voyage for every taste. Speaking of taste, all meals are included and represent a celebration of traditional French cuisine. Experience Europe like a European.
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The Difference River Cruising Makes

Imagine gliding by ancient cities and quaint villages, watching the old world float by. Imagine docking at those same cities and villages and stepping off the ship into a world unlike your own, exploring churches, markets, restaurants, and more. Imagine setting foot in the past with all the comforts of the present. This is what river cruising offers. With small ships made for sailing the major rivers of Europe, river cruising is a whole new way to travel. It lets you get up closer and personal, even while you’re sailing – because land is never more than the width of the river away. And your next adventure is waiting for you just down the way.


Eating Good, Feeling Good

How does sailing on your own floating French restaurant sound? If your answer is, “Pretty good,” CroisiEurope is waiting. With a focus on traditional French cuisine and local ingredients, you know that your dining experience is one of the most authentic parts of your cruise. And since CroisiEurope’s chefs have worked alongside some of France’s most celebrated, Michelin-starred chefs, you know it’ll also be delicious.


Keeping the Water Blue

Rivers are big, sensitive ecosystems – and CroisiEurope knows that. They’re committed to taking care of the same waters they cruise on. They use water savers onboard to reduce waste water by 35%, minimize diesel consumption, and more. They’ve even partnered with UNESCO to further the sustainable development of African river ports. So when you cruise with CroisiEurope, you’re not just getting a vacation – you’re helping them help the environment.