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See the World With Globus

Wherever you want to go, Globus can get you there, and they’ll do it in style. The Globus family of brands is made up of four distinct companies, each of which offers a different exciting way to see the world.


The Globus brand offers a traditional style of tours - but they’re anything but conventional! Globus is all about getting an “easy, hassle-free, all-in-one vacation,” and they give you the freedom to see the world without having to stress the small stuff. With Globus, you know you’re getting more inclusions, more experiences, more opportunities to interact with your destination. And with tours in over 80 countries, you can see almost any corner of the world you want.


Globus takes care of all the details, from hotels to transportation to most of your meals. And while you’ll spend a lot of time with your group, they always make sure you’ve got the opportunity to choose how to enjoy your tour, thanks to MyGlobus. It lets you take advantage of the freedom built into every tour to explore by yourself or add on various optional excursions and activities. With Globus, you can see the world with all the freedom you want and all the support you depend on.



 Cosmos puts the world in your grasp – they invented the budget vacation more than 50 years ago, and they haven’t stopped taking travelers to every corner of North America and Europe ever since. Cosmos knows that just because you need an affordable getaway doesn’t mean you want anything less – and they also know that “you’d rather spend another day in London than have a chocolate on your pillow.” Cosmos balances comfort with cost and the result is always an unforgettable experience.



With vacations around the world, Monograms is the tour company for people who don’t like tours. Monograms takes on the job of arranging all the logistics of your vacation – from flights to hotels to trains to even setting up sightseeing. They’ll also include a Local Host, a guide there to show you around and share local insights into transportation, the best times to visit sites, the best places to eat, and generally answer any questions you may have!


Avalon Waterways

Globus took the same attention they give to travel by land and put it at sea with Avalon Waterways. OK, not technically at sea – Avalon is all about river cruising, after all – but it takes all of the great things you love about traditional cruising and makes them better. Instead of good food, you’ll enjoy great local food and wine – included in the cost of your cruise. Instead of big ships, you’ll sail on small vessels with only 100 or so other passengers. And instead of a small inside room, you’ll get a spacious room with a giant window – perfectly situated to give you the best view of the destinations you sail through. What’s not to love?


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By Meghan Brennan